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Today, tube amplifiers are often investment-level purchases and ones that cannot be taken lightly. However, not every amp is able to deliver a truly good sounding, versatile tone signature. However, this model is reported to be the best solid-state amp with a nice tube tone. Really the amp to beat on this list is the Fender Twin and I am not sure that that was unexpected. I remember the first time I’ve come in contact with an electric guitar: A friend of mine started playing it, but I just felt something was missing. Any good guitar amp review should clearly bring out the differences between the 3 main types of amps. Tube amps offer a truly unique clean tone. The category of amplifiers often called “acoustic guitar amps” is a very specific one—often sporting wood-tone designs and some very specific features geared toward live singer/songwriter performances. And finally, at number 5, we have a model coming from Marshall. You can rest assured that the build quality is good enough that it will last you a long time. Price: $299 | Type: Modelling desktop amp | Output: 40W | Valves: N/A | Number of ... 2. While professional musicians have the ability to use pretty much any guitar and amp and sound amazing, non professionals might have some trouble finding just the right amp for their needs. If you are still here after that, then we shall proceed…. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. There are numerous great amps that offer both a crisp clean tone and aggressive distortion. Basically, it’s up to you to choose which type suits you best. Additionally, the reverb circuit on some amps is a little suspect so I would recommend testing before you buy. Unlike most other amps, this type allows your guitar’s natural sound to be easily projected. With a tube preamp and a solid-state power amp, the Orange Micro Terror manages to stay... 2. The looks are a little bit more unique than a Fender and Marshall, so if you like to stick out this may be an amp to consider. For band practices or smaller gigs, the Champion 40 should be just fine. While this is not a Blackface, the lineage is clear. The best way that I have heard this amplifier described is “Sounds like an old amp, with a new speaker”. Worry no more! Versatility was the main focus of this model, as you can play an electrical or acoustic guitar through it, as well as a bass! In fact, most people prefer the certain crackle and sparkling tone of a tube amp. An amplifier is just that – a device for amplifying the sound of an instrument. I am in love with clean fender tones ala "wicked game", surf music, anything with amazing clean guitar. I'm sure it will probably derive from the "blackface" era but there are many variations and boutique replicas. Besides the regular 3 band EQ, you’ve got separate delay and reverb controls, as well as a dedicated knob for cycling through a couple of additional effects. But Steve admits that he didn't actually improve his guitar skills until his late 50s when he finally dedicated himself to learning online. That is, two amps that are the same model may sound quite different due to the uniqueness of each vacuum tube. For some people, actually, it may have too much shimmer and not enough darkness. There are, today, a lot of players moving onto team Vox and it should be noted that the company is producing amplifiers that look good and are well-built. So, what’s the best “clean” amp after all? A good clean tone on an amp should be able to easily represent the natural sound of the guitar you’re using. This solid-state 100W model is gig-ready, and like the rest of the range, boasts five amp characters (Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown and Acoustic), plus variations for each. If you are looking for an amplifier that sounds like Abbey Road, there is nowhere else that you need to look than here. MARSHALL CODE25 COMBO AMPLIFIER. The Vypyr VIP 1 boasts 36 different amp models, 25 effects, 16 presets, as well as a couple of bass and acoustic guitar oriented amp models. Vox, today, is pretty much one of the gold-standard tube amplifier companies. Conclusion: What’s the Best “Clean” Tube Amp? After all, it’s the best clean sound amp, in our opinion. The clean has that unique Marshall touch, and the different OD voices are great for both rock and high-gain metal. A lot of times, considering how often new musical gear comes out, I ask myself why. That being said, many people I know have never had to do anything other than turn their amplifier on and go for going on ten years now. That’s the reason why we’ve taken the liberty to scrounge the market for only the best of the best, which resulted with this electric guitar amp review. It’s easy to use, delivers the unique Fender flavored tone, and has enough effects for you to play around with and experiment. Something about the pair of 10s and the characteristics of the amp that work well together. In Utero by Nirvana and Abbey Road by The Beatles both utilized the “Blackface” Fender Twin Reverb amplifiers. This is perhaps one of the guitar tones to beat and it is a reissue of a 45-ish-year-old amp. There is a tone that naturally comes from a vacuum tube that cannot be replicated. He's an HVAC technician who spends all his free time with his family and researching everything related to the guitar. Even ignoring their affordable price tags, Boss’s Katana amps have earned a reputation as some of the best guitar amps you can buy today, and the MkII line-up only bolsters that reputation. And I’ve made a list of the best guitar amps for clean and distortion which we’re going to check out! Depending on the model, you can either have one clean channel and one distorted, or multiple, different, distortion channels to choose from. The Champion 20 has all the Fender characteristics but at a definitely more affordable price point. This 40-watt version will have no trouble cutting through your band at a gig or in the shed and it will sound great doing it. It’s an effect that you can hardly simulate to sound like the real thing. Twin is "beefier". However, there are some great sounding modeling amps on the market, that not only feature loads of interesting presets, but sound pretty natural at the same time. Not only do I own a tube guitar amp but my home record listening set-up relies on tubes to do the amplification. This 10-watt, 1×12 combo is one of the best sounding tube amplifiers on the planet, with harmonically rich clean and breakup tones, stunning dynamics and spellbinding onboard effects. Yamaha THR30 II Wireless. 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