beats studio 3 wireless one side not working bluetooth

For your Beats solo wireless, you can insert the sound cable, then check if the sound can be heard on both side. Joshua Cook. Shaniah Harris. They should be able to give you a new working unit. Question: Q: Beats Solo 3 not working. To solve this, I switched the plug-ins around. i can only hear out my left when in bluetooth mode. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I've been trying different things all day and this was the first thing to work. Have you tried a different BT source just to prove the problem is in the headphones? If it is, it may be a dirty or faulty aux socket in the headphones. Thank you! Most of the devices you use to play music from having some kind of audio settings that let you select what device you wish to route your audio to. Answered! My Beats Solo 3 are only one day old. One night it stayed connected and in the morning i was having this trouble. If the one side is not working on your Beats Solo 2/3 or any other model for that matter, you do not need to panic or start worrying about the amount of money you have invested in the headphones. Terms — Hey, My beats solo 3 were working fine but the turned off automatically and I heard turning off sound. I promise. Even though they are a bit expensive than the others, they are worth every penny for their great quality. In order to rectify the issue, what you can do is check and make sure your audio device is indeed playing music. Takes some playing around to figure out, but it works trust me. When plugging in my headphones into my computer/ other devices, sound was only coming out of one side. Thanks for the advice. I don't know why mac settings get so messed up :/, Thanks, this was the problem for me as well, hi thanks i just fix my am made up olny had one months thanks xxx, 06/25/2019 by Before you rip your headphones apart, or jam a foreign object in the jack, try just inserting and removing the factory cable into the jack several times. This is a new pair, and I took it out of the box charged it until the green light activated, but the left side still doesn't work. It’s the right speaker on my wireless. In Step. In the case of your Beats Studio3 Headset, you'll use bluetooth to connect your headset to your computer or mobile device. Accessibility. Make sure your headphones are not plugged in to your USB charging cable. I had this problem as well when I got my brand new Beats Solo 3's. Product-related questions? this was also the issue for me, thanks!! How to Fix One Side of Beats Headphones not Working – Configure Audio Settings. When connected to Bluetooth, sound was coming out of both sides of the headphones. I plugged the b cord into the computer, and plugged the other cable into my Beats. When i connect my headphones via Bluetooth it only plays sound in the one side but when I plug in the Aux cable it plays in both. 01/12/2018 by The only sympton is no audio on that side. Portable on-ear headphones that come with a detachable audio cable with built-in remote and mic for iPhone/iPod/iPad connections, and a carrying case. Release the power button. Problem was i pluged in some cheap speaker via cable and i forgot to disconnect when i was done. FacexHugger, Shaniah Harris But when I plug the cable everything is ok. I´ll already rest the headphone pressing the down volumen and power bottom and nothing change. It could be that the issue is not with your headphones but is with the device you are trying to play music from. The first thing you will want to verify is if your headphone cable is fully and properly plugged in. I found a better way using the same principle of the aluminum foil: I took out the left speak in my solo2 wireless (the one with the 3.5mm jack for cable's plug), then I noticed the inside of that jack is covered with a black tape with a QR code. Elias Martinez, Caleb Babcock Hopefully, it should resolve the issue for you. First of all, thanks for the help with this blog. Samwel Paul, I have tried everything with my beats solo 3. I believe the malfunction was due to wear and bad contact of the cable plug. Resetting the headphones also helps, I just did that and one of the suggestions here in a combo and now both ears are working well. Mine are Solo 3's so I had to hold the power button and down volume button for 8 seconds to reset mine.

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