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). Available until February 23, 2021. Good information from the front lines of healthcare is really hard to find, and that is what I try to provide day after day. I believe we’ve done a pretty good job of creating study materials for those types of non-clinical questions. Tags: bcacp 2020, bcacp 2021, BCACP exam, BPS, Pharmacist certification, I am interested in the review material for the BCACP exam with a plan to take the exam in the fall of 2020. If you are taking the BCPS exam in the Spring of 2020, NOTHING will change with the content outline from previous years. If you are taking the BCACP exam in the spring of 2020 (April-May timeframe), you can anticipate that the number of questions from each domain will follow the guideline below. My apologies on the delay, yes! 25% of the exam can still break you if you perform very poorly as you should not anticipate that you will know every clinical question. The first and most important point to note is when you are taking this exam. ASHP offers board review and recertification programs for Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, Critical Care Pharmacy, Geriatric Pharmacy, Oncology Pharmacy, Pediatric Pharmacy and Pharmacotherapy. The 2020 online audio recording is based on the live event. It cut to the chase and was good refresher on stuff I had forgotten about. Available in PDF format, the course workbook includes over 200 patient cases with explained answers, over 200 self-assessment questions with explained answers, plus current and relevant references for further study. You’ll learn to spot common problems in test-taking that may be hurting your performance. We can do a zoom call so we can share slides/materials. (BCACP Free Study Schedule) While the “domains” as they are referred to by BPS remain somewhat vaguely titled, the BCACP 2020 (fall and beyond) changes will include a significantly higher proportion of clinical questions. Clinical Pharmacy Education – Improving Practice, Protecting Patients, BCACP 2020 Changes – What You Need to Know. I would spend slightly less time on regulatory and statistics preparation. It seems the All Access Pass for one year is still outlined for the previous domains not the new changes effective Fall 2020. Thread starter justine2020; Start date Jul 28, 2020; ... What days and times are you wanting to do? These changes will not go into effect until the Fall of 2020, but I wanted you to be aware of the BCACP 2020 changes as some are beginning to think about their study plan. I listened to the review course while primarily hiking with my dog and closer to my exam date I focused solely on this book as a great review/refresher of the material I covered over the past 2-3 months. I’m planning on taking the BCACP exam this fall 2020 and wanted to create a study group to help review and reinforce concepts. Date February 2, 2020 I purchased this book along with a Med Ed 101 BCACP review course as the key components of my overall study strategy for the Fall 2018 exam. The course fee includes all recordings, slides (PDF), workbook (PDF), and the live Developing Effective Test-Taking Skills Webinar (held in June each year). Give yourself an edge in test preparation. The live course is a comprehensive, 3-day course that offers an interactive instructional technique covering all the domains in the ambulatory care pharmacy specialty. 100% Pass Guarantee! In addition, it is also important to understand how to handle patient care situations. Hopefully, this helps give you some guidance as you begin your preparations for this difficult exam! Developing Effective Test-Taking Skills Webinar-LIVE AND ONLINE Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Certification Preparation, Review and Recertification Reward Program, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Recertification Activities. Online review course package. I’ve had a lot of really kind people help me along the way, and I wanted a way for myself and others to give back some of the things we’ve learned about medication management and healthcare. Subscribe now and get a free gift as well! For those who are going to take the BCACP exam in the fall of 2020 and beyond, I would focus more time on knowing and understanding clinical topics. ACCP Members Order Here ASHP Members Order Here. To whom much is given, much is expected. resources and study materials for the BCACP exam right here. HOWEVER, I do not want to downplay that you need to have some basic understanding. ), Tools and techniques to identify patient-specific factors impacting care (e.g., adherence, access to care, cultural competency, health literacy, health beliefs, social determinants of health, patient readiness, etc. In reviewing the content outline, I would still anticipate upwards of 50 questions that will be non-pharmacotherapy related.

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