bat guano fertilizer dangers

Guano contributes more than its share of nutrients to the soil. Both the bat and seabird guano are an exceptionally rich source of natural nutrients that supplies many beneficial enzymes and bacteria, large amounts of minor and trace minerals as well as being high in nitrogen and phosphorus. Although the dangers of bat droppings are often exaggerated, they do still present a serious health hazard to our population, and in fact, Bat guano is used as a type of manure fertilizer for your plants to help them grow strong and healthy. Some brands refer to "aging" their bat guano, not sure if that's the same as heat composting. As always, we are happy to provide you with a … For more information on the dangers of bat guano and urine visit our website. It's dried in fertilizer form and is available as a powder or small pellets. Consequently, it has been used successfully for hundreds of years as an organic fertilizer. This potent fertilizer, bat poop, is known as guano. Bat work puts you at risk for diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis and we highly recommend you leave work like this to trained professionals. But, along with its benefits comes many drawbacks and dangers to humans. And, bat guano is rich in beneficial concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The bat guano in an un-disturbed state will not hurt you. but guano doesn’t limit it’s abilities to plants, in fact, a lot of microbiological life can grow on it, some of it, harmful to human beings and other animals. However, once you start cleaning it up the spores are released and can be extremely hazardous to your health. It contains microbes which are beneficial to plants and soil. If the infestation occurred in a part of the home that can be sealed off from occupants, or in a rarely used outbuilding, then … Unfortunately it is very expensive to have someone come to your house to do it, but it is well worth it. Why is Bat Guano Dangerous? Bat guano is only toxic if disturbed, and will dissipate on its own harmlessly into the air if left untouched after two to three years.

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