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. Description: Self-rising flour has long been a Southern U.S. staple, as it is made from the low-protein wheat that is grown in the south. Other recipes can be substituted anywhere from 25% to 50% – check out King Arthur Flour’s Complete Guide: White Whole Wheat Flour. Then add egg and flavor until incorporated. It’s also a good source of thiamin and other B vitamins and trace minerals. I know that often it doesn’t call for flour at all, but my family is crazy about portuguese dessert called ‘pasteis de nata’ which actually are baked cups of pastry filled with custard which require flour for making. Description: Traditional whole wheat flour is milled from a red wheat berry, while white whole wheat flour is milled from a white wheat berry. Hi Rosaline, Ideally you would do this by weight, so if a recipe calls for x ounces or grams of all-purpose flour, use that same weight of cake flour. Hi Helen, First of all, I am so very sorry! 2019. Make This: Just about anything! Home > Tutorials > Baking Basics: Flour 101. Substitutions: All-purpose flour or cake flour, used alone or in combination. Thank you for taking the time to The gluten development contributes to a chewier consistency, which is exactly what you want when making things like artisan breads and bagels. It is more shelf-stable than whole wheat flour, but as a result, has a milder flavor. Your email address will not be published. Gold Medal Flour is the only national brand that mills its own wheat. As you’ll see below, protein content is the primary differentiator in flours and plays an important role in how the flour performs in different recipes. It has an even lower protein content that all-purpose flour because it’s made using a soft wheat flour rather than the hard wheat flour that makes up all-purpose flour. I use bread flour less often, but I keep all three of those in my airtight containers in the pantry. Your email address will not be published. Description: The middle-of-the-road protein content allows the flour to be sturdy enough to hold its structure for things like yeast breads, but still light enough to produce a tender crumb in a layer cake. THANK YOU for this post! Whether you’re a beginning baker or an expert, we’ll help you perfect your golden touch. Hi MaryAnn, From what I’ve read, rice flour is light and mild – a substitution of cake flour or pastry flour would work! It is made from hard wheat and the high protein content helps to create more gluten and more rise in baked goods. A wide variety of baking flour options are available to you, such as sustainable, disposable, and stocked. Hi Nicki, You could do that, you may need to use less liquid in the recipe, though. I have a recipe for an El Salvadorian cake that uses rice flour… is it possible to substitute all purpose, bread, or cake flour instead? While the resulting texture will be slightly altered, using all-purpose flour should not ruin the recipe. Can I use all all purpose flour or is there a conversion of some sort. After reading your post I started to think that I never pay attention to type of flour I use to make them – I add white wheat flour of any type I have on hand and maybe this is a cause of my culinary failures. White flour has been stripped of the bran and germ, leaving behind the fine, pale endosperm. Thanks so much. Then add one cup of flour to the dough at a time. And yes, you can print any recipe by using the print recipe button. And thank you so much for the kind words :) Bummer of a game last night, but I hope we can get a win tomorrow! Make This: Biscuits, muffins, pancakes, cakes, Not That: Breads, recipes calling for whole wheat flour, Substitutions: 1 cup all-purpose flour + 1½ teaspoons baking powder + ¼ teaspoon salt. It depends on what you are baking. ), you would likely never be able to tell the difference, as the differing results are very slight. Discover how to store pies via our guide on the Gold Medal Flour blog! Today we’re tackling all of the most common flours – what makes them different, the best things to make with them, as well as substitutions for each. The filling in ready to eat pasteis de nata is supposed to be soft and dense in the same time. It’s the only ingredient that was the same in both recipes. Hi Evelyn, Bleached flour uses bleaching agents to speed up the flour’s aging process. I throw out my packages too, but I write the expiration date on the bags when I transfer. This is great information to have on hand. Self-Rising Flour… How long do you keep flour? Description: Cake flour is milled to an ultra-fine consistency; the relative lack of gluten-forming proteins makes cake flour ideal for tender baked goods. Just put a coin at the bottom of a plate or bowl of flour. I’ve had so many failures lately with changing up flours that I’m just a little leary of wasting time and ingredients, so I appreciate your candid thoughts and experience in baking. Thanks. It’s an awesome resource! I don’t typically do it for the ones in my pantry because they get used up so fast. 7,554 baking flour products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which baking & pastry tools accounts for 8%, flour accounts for 4%, and other food processing machinery accounts for 1%. Required fields are marked *. Hi Tracy, No, I didn’t, as I don’t consider these to be pantry staples for everyday baking. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! I have one more question: currently I am passing through a custard cookies phase. It is darker in color and creates a more dense and more flavorful baked good than all-purpose flour. Let’s dig in! ? Packaging does not always say, though sometimes the company website does, or their customer service line should be able to tell you. Don’t want to have to buy several different kinds of flour. Pastry flour has many of the same properties as cake flour and can be used interchangeably. The pastry and custard filling are baked in the same time. Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes!! I have an eye injury from a car accident that makes it difficult to read computer screens. I’ve never heard of using flour to make custard. Hi Jim, According a download on the King Arthur Flour website, their all-purpose flour has a protein content of 11.7% and they claim that “competitor’s all-purpose flour” has a protein content of 9.6% (I assume they would be talking about popular grocery store brands). When baking cookies, brownies or cakes, I substitute half the all purpose flour with whole wheat pastry flour. Commercial bakers likely use only bread flour for their bread. Depending on the recipe, you may wish to vary the flour. Whole wheat flour is more absorbent than all-purpose flour, which means that recipes using whole wheat flour will require more liquid. My favorite white bread recipe (I’m going to share it soon!) I’m going to try the recipe with cake flour! Interesting! If you’re using measuring cups, then for every 1 cup of all-purpose flour, substitute 1 cup + 2 tablespoons cake flour. . Tips and tricks, food regulations, trouble shooting guides. Thanks for this overview I haven’t even realised there’s sooo many types of flour. Bread flour is generally 100% hard wheat flour, while all-purpose flour may be 100% hard wheat flour, or it may be a combination of hard wheat flour and soft wheat flour. Substitutions: 1 cup all-purpose flour, remove 2 tablespoons of the flour and replace with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. Don't over mix your flour - it will result in a tougher cookie. You are missing Whole Wheat Pastry Flour from your list! Michelle, Thank you for this “all in one place” information!!

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