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And yes, two AVX receivers and neighboring SDI and 4-pin XLR power cables can all fit, thanks to the AVX’s swivel system. I usually do not leave reviews...but once in a while a product is so good... i have to do it. Does this kit and its microphone hold up to all of his expectations? For devices with high quality input stages, use a lower setting (shown with 1 red LED bar). I reviewed the Audio-Technica System 10 wireless camera mic system review for Video and Filmmaker previously. The Sanken COS-11D is also a bit more sensitive than the Sennhesier MKE2 mic, which translates to lowering the input level of the recording device, which is nice. As a consolation, you wont have to worry about phantom power accidentally being turned on and frying the receiver unit since this is obviously protected. With this combo, I don’t have to think about battery life at all, even with both units turned on the entire day. The AGC in this unit acts more like an automatic volume control on general loudness, depending if the subject matter is quiet or loud and less how an actual compressor works using a threshold, ratio, and hard/soft knee. Visiting these links (or buying products from the links) cost you nothing additional and may in turn help us pay for the cost of hosting these free articles we write. Last update on 2020-11-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Article © OneRiver Media, including applicable photographs. Original recording straight from the recorder. After using this Sennheiser system for some time now, I feel it leans more towards the upper-end systems Lectrosonics offers in comparison, but at a much lower cost. Laut Sennheiser können bis zu zwölf Funkstrecken gleichzeitig betrieben werden. Share this article. Review: Preshan John There’s an endless number of ways to bring a cinema shot alive. There is no thumping or breathing with the auto-gain algorithm. If you’re on the fence trying to decide whether you want the standard AVX-ME2 wireless kit or the upgraded AVX-MKE2 wireless kit… absolutely go for the AVX-MKE2 kit. My question is about the difference in the qualities of the AVX versus G4 systems. Reviews & ratings: Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 Camera Mountable Lavalier Pro Wireless Set W/SKB Molded Case MFR: AVX-MKE2 SET-4-US D. Buy now & save $79. So let’s get to the nitty gritty. Alle Preise verstehen sich inkl. Attached here to the Sound Devices MixPre-D. I’m so impressed with these that I would buy another AVX set (MKE2) over a Lectrosincs in a heartbeat. This can be especially powerful for those that shoot in a run-and-gun situation or for those that do not have a built-in compressor or limiter in their audio chain or recorder. However I’ve found that the AGC in this unit is actually very good. It’s in these extreme production circumstances I’m quite religious in using wired lav systems, but the Sennheiser wireless lav kit performed and felt like I was using a wired system but without the tethered limitation of a wired system (which has its own problems when the talent wants to move away from their mark). We hope you enjoyed our Titleist AVX golf ball review. Rather than having the traditional receiver “box”, this receiver basically plugs directly into your camera’s XLR port, rather than having to mount it elsewhere on the camera with a messy cable. Die Angebotsinformationen basieren auf den Angaben des jeweiligen Händlers und werden über automatisierte Prozesse aktualisiert. If this is true is a hugh + for the avx! The positive is that the packs are quite compact and retain their power for a considerable amount of time: I found the receiver to sustain continuous power for about 5 to 6 hours and the transmitter sustaining continuous power for at least 10 hours. Der ultrakompakte AVX - Empfänger lässt sich direkt an den XLR - Audioeingang anschließen. So sollen keine anderen Signale dazwischenfunken können. Any thoughts on the difference between the Sennheiser AVX versus the latest G4 system? Tip: Because the Sennheiser battery packs use a mini USB port to recharge them, any 5-volt USB adapter (or computer) can charge these packs back up. As owner of OneRiver Media, he has produced, directed, and lensed content spanning from commercial to feature film works. Die Bewertung erfolgte unter Berücksichtigung der Kriterien Sendequalität, Bedienung, Messwerte sowie Klang und Preis-Leistung. Wir stehen für Spitzenprodukte, kompetente Beratung, exzellenten Service und wettbewerbsfähige Preise.... Drahtloses Mikrofon - Set AVX - MKE2 - 3 von SennheiserDirekter Anschluss an den XLR - AudioeingangSchaltet sich an und aus über P48 - PhantomspeisungSehr schnelles Set - upUltrakompakter EmpfängerOptimierter DynamikumfangAuto - Frequenz - ... Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 SET-3-EU - Lavalier Set Pro 505852. Jun 21, 2018. To me, it’s a no-brainer… if you’re saving $900 up for the AVX-ME2 kit, save another $150 for the superior AVX-MKE2 kit. As compared to my industry standard Sanken COS-11D lav microphone (which works perfectly with the Sennheiser receiver), they both have nice body and brightness to them. I am choosing between the kits that both have the better MKE 2 Gold microphone, so here I am not asking about the difference between microphones. Thank you for the detailed and very useful information. Camara sends line level with timecode to recorder? Cheers. In no way do these affiliate links cover the cost of all of that, so any help these links can provide is a huge help to us to continue to offer free content to our readers. FCC Disclaimer - Links from this article might go to affiliate links to B&H and/or Amazon (not much different than the ads you see in YouTube ads, but more focused). Der AVX passt sich für optimale Aufnahmepege... Sennheiser AVX - MKE2 Set, digitales drahtloses Mikrofonsystem für Kamera - und Videoanwendungen, digitaler PlugON Empfänger, SK AVX Taschensender und MKE2 Lavaliermikrofon, Kugel, eigenständige Konfiguration, Auto - Frequenzmanagent, autom... Bestellen Sie Sennheiser AVX - MKE2 Lavalier Set PRO bei Kamera Express. Excelent review! I admit that I was a bit hesitant to do this since I don’t typically like “guineapigging” a brand new untested product in such high critical production circumstances—especially productions under the shadow of paying clients. And rather than having many of the manual controls the Lectrosonic units offer, it seems the Sennheiser internally performs some of these tasks automatically. This option is usually something many people don’t like (I tend to be one of them). We are currently also working on a short video review of the product. Oh and durability is superb. VO Take 3: Sennheiser MKE2 lav mic into the Sennhesier AVX transmitter to the AVX receiver, recorded directly into the Blackmagic Design URSA 4K (no middle-stage mixer used). However way it’s technically doing this, it’s doing an excellent job, as I’ve not encountered any RF pops, audio drops, static, or any ugly audio issues, including real world production in major high-tech corporate building environments where RF pollution is heavy (mobile devices, wifi repeaters, radio comms, you name it). This is just a personal preference and by no means an audio rule of sorts. Admittedly, I was a bit turned off and skeptical initially learning of the integrated AGC in this unit (before using it), but in truth, it’s very transparent and so I’ve come to applaud its implementation. Some of these USB charge packs are small enough to fit in your pocket WITH the Sennheiser transmitter pack, so if you don’t have an extra BA-30 pack handy, you could make due with a USB recharge pack if you’re in a bind (like the slim PNY PowerPack 2600mAh Portable USB Power Charger shown above, or for even longer running power, this Aluratek 4000mAh pack or this Aluratek dual-output 10,400mAh pack). I think the advantages of the transmitter/receiver and form factor are pretty clear. On the flip side however, these packs do last a fairly long time on a full day of shooting, even in continuous use. Der Spezialist für Foto - und Videoausrüstung. Linking/pairing the Sennheiser is transparent: you don’t need to do anything but turn the units on and thereafter, the AVX units continually communicate between themselves always ensuring a rock-solid connection.

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