assumptions of qualitative research

How do my informants define these concepts? By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. (1988). 3. Subjects [can become]…either suspicious and wary, or they [can become]…aware of what the researchers want and try to please them. These initial decisions reflect assumptions about the social world, how science should be conducted, and what constitutes legitimate problems, solutions, and criteria of "proof." Field study research can explore the processes and meanings of events. What scientific theory can explain the data? Reality is single, tangible, and fragmentable. Finding fault with one approach with the standards of another does little to promote understanding. Toll-free (888) 463-6999 Learn how to complete your dissertation and get your committee to sign off on your doctorate. If you are collecting data from the elderly, if is possible that some of their recollections of events, situations, and feelings could be questionable. Becoming qualitative researchers: An introduction. Time- and context-free generalizations (nomothetic statements) are possible. What do my informants know about their culture that I can discover? 2. The argument usually becomes muddled because one party argues from the underlying philosophical nature of each paradigm, and the other focuses on the apparent compatibility of the research methods, enjoying the rewards of both numbers and words. What folk theory do my informants use to explain their experience? (1992). One cannot understand human behavior without understanding the framework within which subjects interpret their thoughts, feelings, and actions. These assumptions generally refer to the characteristics of the data, such as distributions, correlational trends, and variable type, just to name a few. …..Merriam, S. B. For institutional researchers, the choice to use a quantitative or qualitative approach to research is dictated by time, money, resources, and staff. In qualitative methods, you will want the numbers of participants to reach a level at which saturation of the data is achieved – no new data or meaning units are being discovered. …..Lincoln, Y. S., & Guba, E. G. (1985). This does not mean, however, that the positivist never uses interviews nor that the interpretivist never uses a survey. Delimitations are set so that your goals do not become impossibly large to complete. 1. Each functions within different assumptions. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Carol M. Roberts in her book, The Dissertation Journey offers some examples of limitations when she states, “Limitations are usually areas over which you have no control. Assumptions being “self-evident truths are an anchor to the rest of the decisions a researcher makes.” An example is the respondents of a study. How can I operationally define these concepts? Frequently, the choice to use one or the other approach is made at the method level. Your email address will not be published. Expert Dissertation Coaching, Editing & Consulting, By William G. Wargo, Ph.D. / August 19, 2015. Statistical models in quantitative research designs are accompanied with assumptions as well, some more strict than others. You want your Chairperson to know the literature you consulted in understanding your specific assumptions and limitations. Naturalistic inquiry. Office (951) 301-5557 Having briefly explored qualitative research, we can now turn our attention to the second major research paradigm – quantitative research. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. [email protected] Past researchers have not been able to derive meaning…from experimental research. 3. Qualitative researchers are interested in meaning: ­how people make sense of their lives, experiences, and their structures of the world. While assumed, they should still be explicitly stated in the body of the dissertation, usually in chapter 1. Designing qualitative research. The physical setting (­e.g., schedules, space, pay, and rewards­) and the internalized notions of norms, traditions, roles, and values are crucial contextual variables. 4. The research techniques themselves, in experimental research, [can]…affect the findings. How can I interpret the results and report them in the language of my colleagues? He utilizes descriptive or non-quantifiable data on Bethany Baptist Academy specifically, without attempting to generalize the findings to other Christian schools. Two general approaches are widely recognized: quantitative research and qualitative research. The participants will answer the interview questions in … Case study research in education: A qualitative approach. For qualitative studies, you assume that the interview questions accurately reflect the phenomenon and will allow you to elicit rich textural data to address the research question. John Creswell in his book “Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design” describes these assumptions and frames them into … The most common assumption for a research study is usually the truthfulness with which participants will respond. The ethnographic interview. The Assumptions of Qualitative Designs Qualitative researchers are concerned primarily with process , rather than outcomes or products. Different approaches to research encompass both theory and method. Contrasting Positivist and Naturalist Axioms (Beliefs and Assumptions). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. 2. 2. Qualitative researchers are concerned primarily with, Qualitative researchers are interested in. Identifying Assumptions and Limitations for Your Dissertation. All Rights Reserved. Menifee, CA 92586, Phone What are research limitations? Research design: Qualitative & quantitative approaches. Box 2501 Wargo, W.G. Menifee , CA : Academic Information Center . 5. Frequently, the choice to use one or the other approach is made at the method level. 5. I suggest you define and cite two or three sources regarding assumptions and limitations before including the specific ones relevant to your study. Fax (951) 301-7280

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