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Giant Robots are not Mecha unless they have a pilot. There are many different designs, and their alt-modes range from motorcycles to space stations. The Transforming Mecha trope as used in popular culture. Not just that but I can't help but think part of the reason it's considered a stand out in mecha is because the best Transformers fiction is written outside of japan. I think the success of mecha in the rest of the world banks a lot on Transformers otherwise they'd never be interested in a robot hobby. Your taking a pointless differnce from Transformers to say it doesnt belong in a genre when that diffrence has nothing to do with the genre. While Transformers are obviously mecha. Because they can't accept the idea of Transformers having been successful localized and improved by America. Both the Republic fighters and th… You guys are looking for any excuse to hate on Transformers, the world's most loved long running toy line. why do you keep bumping a thread when nobody else is bumping except you ? They are free to disagree all they want. That would just be foolish. [3] In others, it was a more standard push-button affair. Loosely speaking, there are people who do call them Mecha. When people see a mecha, they expect robots more than anything else. [8], This is not the only definition of "mech" in,, The term "mech" has also been used in some. Transformers has anime, comics and the mecha are the stars of the franchise. The many origin stories of the Transformers—why and how these shapechanging robots became the way they are—has been explored across a wide variety of mediums. Mister Fantastic and Iron Man used alien technology to create mechs for their fellow superheroes. It's like saying Halo isn't an fps cause other fp shooters have modern weapons. Transformers even have their own line of Japanese model kits. Doesn't mean they're right. heck, the only thing that put transformers into spotlight are their live action movies. don't be so defensive, it backlashes on you. So yes, it's a mecha. Transfomers are machines just living machines. If you ask me Transformers is a pop culture hit so well known and in the back of everyone's minds, you probably don't think of Transformers fans as being people who watch mecha. @ninjawarrior268: I don't care if the pilot is human or alien or even another machine. Contents[show] Transforming Transformers can almost always transform. The Transformers have the "best" of both worlds in this case... Why does there have to be a specific for mecha? Transformers are robots. That's the kind of argument that I've seen people try to use before the mecha need pilot arguement. No, as already stated, I consider "mecha" robots that require pilots. Mecha Warehouse is built on our passion for building models of extremely large robots at a small scale. I reiterate, pot meet kettle. Maybe I should get my friends from to come here to agree with me. Again, why bash on Transformers when it's the leading franchise of the mecha genre? But Transformers maintained it’s popularity in Japan as well, and in 1988 they aired the second of their Japanese-exclusive series in Masterforce. They're a part of the more-general SciFi category. Jul 7, 2020 - All Things robotic in nature. Transformers are races of what was originally giant sentient robots with the ability to disguise themselves into things which fit in with things on planets they are on. Think about this: even if Transformers was a mecha style anime with pilots flying in outer space like Gundam and some anime fans still can't accept it is mecha. The original SDF Macross was over one kilometer tall. Anime fans don't like it when everyone else disagrees with what they are conditioned to learn in their sheltered existence and accept an American cartoon being better than anime of the same franchise so they disregard Transformers being Anime or mecha. Post by Starscream » 2003-05-15 06:09am At least in the traditional sense mecha always have some kind of pilot, so are they still considered mechs? It is our goal to become your supplier of choice for all your Mecha needs. @dernman: Some Transformers likely qualify like Headmasters who pilot completely lifeless bodies but for the most part Transformers do not qualify. ... Mecha Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Transformers toys are Japanese mecha toys that have been around since 1984. I just saw an arguement on Facebook saying Evagelions can't be mecha because mechas in other series aren't part organic. And as said before, Headmasters, Targetmasters, and the like allow TFs to be considered as Mecha in some cases. I feel sorry for you guys if you don't truly like robots and need a pilot inside to care about robot characters. Each piece of a Combining Mecha usually transforms before joining into its final shape. Whether they have pilots or nor is a moot point. @dedmanwalkin: I know. As a big mecha fan, I don't mind seeing a mecha that has robots all the time. The variable fighters of the Macross franchise, which are transforming fighter jets, with each series's main protagonist always piloting one. MECH is extremely popular for use in fan fiction based on or inspired by Transformers: Prime. Technology was developed during the Clone Wars that allowed vehicles to "morph" into a vaguely humanoid "mech mode." Do you think Transformers are considered mechas or just giant robots trying to save the earth? Think about this: even if Transformers was a mecha style anime with pilots flying in outer space like Gundam and some anime fans still can't accept it is mecha. Mechas are robots used by sentient creatures as vehicles. I never needed a guy inside a robot in order for me to like mecha. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In some cases, this transformation was guided (perhaps even created) by the use of the Force. Besides, most would disagree with you, including the people Ive met on TFW2005. Transformers of course is one of the most well-known mecha series of all time, but typically people just think of the Generation One cartoon before immediately thinking of Beast Wars and everything afterward. Transformers are mecha. Still, most people don't bash on the forerunner of their favorite genre.It would be like guys who like first person shooters saying they hate Halo. Transformers are, with some exceptions, not mechas just giant robots that transform into vehicles. Robots are what make a mecha, not humans. transformers leading the mecha genre ? There's no obvious reason a mecha needs a guy in the machine for the show to be seen as mecha. Anyway, This is a pointless semantical debate where neither side refuses to accept the other's definition of mecha and will use any reason they can grasp at because of how they see the word mecha being thrown around. Maybe I'm wrong since I don't dismiss Transformers as a mecha just cause of who writes the fiction. @ninjawarrior268: don't ask questions if all you do is ignore people and answer with your own. Who invited you haters to come on Comic Vine? Complete list of transforming mecha anime, and watch online. I don't understand why a country where mecha is popular needs human characters to make watching a robot cartoon bearable when people here can accept the idea of automous sentient machines. For example, More than Meets the Eye comics ate written out of Japan. Or it's like saying Big Guy and Rusty is not mecha because it's not drawn in mecha style. That is why it's called mecha and not piloted mecha, mecha with people or cyborgs. Mecha is short for robot genre. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I heard on that people in Japan liked piloted mecha. A mech (sometimes also called a battle suit) is a transforming robot operated by a human or humanoid. gundam and macross are the forefronts of the mecha genre with both of them practically revolutionizing the real robot idea. Price. You guys are blatantly ignoring the similarities between Transformers and other mecha by saying they don't matter and are looking only at the differences to exclude Transformers as a mecha. It also featured in the war between the Empire[4] and the Rebellion,[2] again by both sides. Mecha are machines and the lack of humans doesnt change what it is. Price varies depending on the size and features of your Transformers toy. [4] Both the Republic fighters[1] and the Separatists[5] employed this technology, and even bounty hunters[6] got in on it. No Pilot = No Mecha. They can transform into nearly anything given it is about the right size compared to themselves except on special occasions. Again, why bash on Transformers when it's the leading franchise of the mecha genre? That's what I was saying. MECH is an organization similar to Cemetery Wind and the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF) from the fourth and fifth live-action films, as those groups were antagonists in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight. STAFF. As for why other mecha have pilots, I saw the reason on Transformers New Zealand forums. Not whatever is trending in mecha series.

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