arba rules for meat pens

Return of any fees is at the discretion of the show sponsor. Chartered clubs must accept all breeds, which are recognized in the ARBA Standard of Perfection, except, however, National, State, and Local Specialty Clubs, must accept only the breed(s) they sponsor (Angoras and Lops on all sponsored breeds, and cavies covering themselves). (C) Cavies not legibly earmarked or tagged with an ear tag must be disqualified from the class. (B) All youth breed judging must be completed prior to selection of youth Best In Show. A rabbit that was not disqualified in the breed class may be disqualified from a fur class. Entries may be limited – State Rule I #9 RULES: 1. (B) Rabbits not legibly earmarked must be disqualified from the class. The acceptance of an ARBA sanction request and all necessary fees are based solely upon the official US Postmark or online date stamp. No show sanction shall be granted if the request is received less than 15 days prior to the show date requested. Inspect the rear legs, "how far does the meat go down the leg?" SECTION 59. SECTION 5. In a fryer destined for meat pen competition it is compact and short. (A) Credit for working a show for a Registrar or Judge’s license can only be given when working in a sanctioned all breed ARBA show. RAISE MEAT PENS IN YOUR CLASSROOM; Quick Project: Meat Pens 100 Days from Breeding; Minimal Start-up Investment. Notice of an allowed protest with a detailed statement shall be mailed by the show sponsor within ten (10) days to the ARBA and to the exhibitor(s) and judge involved. All animals must be permanently and legibly earmarked in the left ear. Immediate family is defined as mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, or spouse. Any change of the date or location (city) of the approved show will require a fee of $12.50 for each open show and $10.00 for each youth show. Entries will not be accepted in family or rabbitry names. Any chartered club may make additional rules or regulations, provided they do not conflict with ARBA rules. Membership Dues: $12.00 per yr., 3 yrs. candidates for Meat Pens. (A) Notification of suspended or expelled members will be provided in Domestic Rabbits magazine. SECTION 34: An exhibitor shall not be allowed to show rabbits or cavies under a judge that is an immediate family member. (2) An ARBA licensed judge or registrar, which shall be appointed by the show superintendent. SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION REGARDING THESE RULES, CONTACT YOUR ARBA DISTRICT DIRECTOR OR THE ARBA OFFICE. ARBA members may exhibit in all classes provided by county and state fairs. SECTION 14. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Minimun 3 lbs, Maximum weight of 5 lbs. No show sanction shall be granted after a show has taken place. The loin must be wide, deep/thick without taper. (A) All showroom classes to be as specified in the ARBA Standard of Perfection. The show sponsor may print the following in their show catalog: All youth entries must be carried to the show table by a youth. SECTION 46. No entries are permitted to be added to a breed once it is completed. It shall either be worthy of a first with only one in a class or not placed with the above remark. (A) Show records retained by the club sponsoring the show shall be considered official. Fair shows are exempt from the ARBA Show Rules in the following instances only: (A) Fairs may limit their entries with respect to the number of animals and/or the region or county of exhibitor residence, and/or 4-H, FFA, or Grange membership. Each owner’s personal name(s) must be listed on the entry form, but a rabbitry name may be added, if applicable, when entering shows. This show is not a TRBA/ARBA sanctioned show, however, ARBA rules and standards will be followed in the judging process. Exhibitors do not have to carry their own animals to the show table. SECTION 30. The determination / confirmation of ownership is the responsibility of the exhibitor. 3. 4) The entry fee does not constitute a rental agreement for any equipment that may be used in the course of an ARBA sanctioned show. 2) The entry fee entitles the exhibitor to have their animal judged by an ARBA licensed judge and receive awards. For example, for ten (10) animals in a class and the animal in question places second, then 10 times 4 equals 40 total points won by the animal. REGISTRAR (A) In case of disqualification under this rule, other exhibitors shall, if qualified, be moved up on the list of winners. SECTION 56. (D) The American Rabbit Breeders Association host club must refuse entries from exhibitors placing an entry from all locations within 150 miles which has had a confirmed outbreak of RCV/RHD/VHD within the past 60 days of the entry deadline. In addition to a leg band they must also have a legible earmark in the left ear. The following must be printed in the show catalog: (A) Open Sanctioned Show – OFFICIAL ARBA SANCTIONED SHOW, ARBA Executive Director, PO Box 400 Knox, PA 16232. (C) Pre-junior, meat, and fur classes not to be counted in figuring display points and awards. Careful study and preparation prior to each fair season will help to insure that we all put our best foot forward and the best consumer product is Grand Champion meat pen. BACKGROUND The ARBA removed the dressed carcass from the ARBA Standard of Perfection in 1996. Altough bone density is all offal (waste), a well sprung and deep ribcage is necessary because the heart and lungs are vital in sustaining development for a prime 70-day old fryer. All rabbit must be weighed in the persents of the Judge. At any dinner table, Mom usually gets the short end of the stick. The prior placement of the departed animal shall not be considered when picking the next higher award.

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