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In an incremental scan or sweep we sort the points of S according to their x- coordinates, and use the segment PminPmax to partition S into an upper subset and a lower subset, as shown in Fig. Exercises on Algorithmic Problem Solving Instructions: Make a “structured plan” to face the following situations to the best of your abilities (some exercises are already solved to serve as guide). Disclaimer 2: I may or may not post solutions. Pseudo Code Practice Problems: Listed below is a brief explanation of Pseudo code as well as a list of examples and solutions. Algorithm & Flowchart Manual 4 CIC-UHF HOW TO WRITE ALGORITHMS Step 1 Define your algorithms input: Many algorithms take in data to be processed, e.g. Sample problems and algorithms 5 R P Q T Figure 24.4: The point T farthest from P Q identifies a new region of exclusion (shaded). An algorithm is correct if it terminates with an answer that satis es the goal of the problem. gramming concepts. Practice Number Theory Problems Problem 3-1.GCD (a) Compute gcd(85;289) using Euclid’s extended algorithm. 24.5. The book also falls somewhere between the practical nature of a programming book and the heavy theory of algorithm textbooks. Analyse the number of instructions executed in the following recursive algorithm for computing nth Fibonacci numbers as a function of n Recall Euclid’s extended algorithm: a = bq 1 + r 1 b = r 1q 2 + r 2::: r n 1 = r nq n+1 + r n+1: We stop when we reach a remainder of 0, that is, when r Algorithm textbooks teach primarily algorithm analysis, basic algorithm design, and some standard algorithms and data structures. 4. Then compute x and y such that 85x + 289y = gcd(85;289). Practise problems on Time complexity of an algorithm 1. Pseudo code Pseudo code can be broken down into five components. Sorting algorithms 1 { Using the median-of-three with rst, last, and middle values, run the rst round (the rst instance They seldom include as much problem solving as this book does. Be clear and specific (see the sample) and, whenever possible, write your algorithm in pseudocode. Generally, algorithms are deterministic, but there is an important theory and practice of randomized algorithms. For the rst part, you have assignments, practice problems, and you have the midterm with posted solutions to review the material. • Variables: • Assignment: • Input/output: • Selection: • Repetition: … There can be many di erent algorithms for solving a particular problem: you can sort numbers by nding the smallest, then the to calculate the area of rectangle input may be the rectangle height and rectangle width.

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