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On our filming trip to Botswana we found that one of the most productive areas for these birds was the Chobe River floodplain and we came across several parties of African Pygmy Geese. These fascinating small ducks are found in central and southern Africa south of the Sahara, including the island of Madagascar. Our selection of baby geese for sale includes everything from African geese to white Chinese geese… We are in this for the long haul, and we plan to be breeding the best quality ducks and geese for the next twenty years +. Be sure to browse our extensive galleries, species accounts, and book and product reviews. Ducks & Geese. Though they share some similar characteristics (such as… Thanks Mike. The Medium Duck  measuring approx 30cm in height, Made from recycled mild steel , these metal sculptures are fine to be left outside all year, round. They occur in parts of eastern Queensland, Australia too. any help would be appreciated. The ostriches are flightless birds native to Africa. African Pygmy Geese are incredibly swift and maneuverable in flight and they will generally fly off some distance before alighting again in suitable habitat. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is a deep-rooted love and passion for preserving waterfowl. However, how many people are that fortunate to be able to do so? So, I googled it and found your article , I am looking for an African Pygmy Goose and a White-backed duck specimen. Just to add to the information about the distribution of Cotton Pygmy Geese. They can be recoated in either clear lacquer or an exterior clear varnish once a year, or as and when they require it. Not actually African in origin, African geese are descended from the Swan Goose, they are physically similar to the Chinese Goose another domestic goose. Measurements approx 68cm width by 74cm length, Measurements approx 46cm width by 49cm length, Measurements approx 57cm height x 28cm length, Measurements approx 82cm Height by 38cm length, 01242 604610 (option 0) / M: 07976 402347, African Creations & Travellers Finds Ltd. A beautiful male African Pygmy Goose in flight by Adrian Binns. Orinoco Geese, Egyptian Geese and the genus Chloephaga that includes South American “geese” like the Andean Geese are all in fact ducks. I have heard and seen these wonderful geese on video, but I have never seen them in real form before. For example, the African Spur-winged Geese and the Blue-winged Geese suggest a close lineage to ducks How cool are these waterfowl? Call us: T:01242 604610 (option 0) / M: 07976 402347       Email: [email protected] They are close relatives of Chinese Geese and have a similar ‘knob’ above their beak, being a descendent of the Swan Goose (rather than the Greylag that other breeds of geese are descended from). Some of the types of ducks we have available include blue Swedish ducks, Ancona ducks, Welsh harlequin ducks and so many others. And also requesting to post some content who are not regular traveller as me. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But they seldom allow a close approach and will take off at the slightest indication that they have been detected. The  duckling is approx 20cm tall Made from recycled mild steel , these metal sculptures are fine to be left outside all year, they can be recoated in either clear lacquer or an exterior clear varnish  once a year, or as and when they require it. So any birds that don’t belong to these genera can be considered either ducks or swans or something else. Display per page. For decades we have also been providing our customers with baby ducklings and geese for sale. Its a nicely written content, a nice work done here. I was sitting in the open flight area (one of my favorite places in our zoo) observing the African Pygmy Geese there, and wondering why on Earth they were called geese, when they looked like ducks to me. It must be wonderful to be able to view the African Pygmy Goose in their Natural habitats. Sadly I’ve only seen African Pygmy Geese at the zoo. #birdstagra, Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of November 2020). I am a bird collector not a taxidermist. Most favored are shallow waterbodies that contain both plenty of water-lillies and surrounding reed-beds. So where does that leave the Pygmy Geese, of which there are three distinct species? For these birds, the smallest of all waterfowl, belong to the “perching duck” group. A pair of African Pygmy Geese                                Adrian Binns. Others are not so clearly defined. @Sonja Ross: Thanks for clarifying that fact about the Cotton Pygmy Geese. Thank you for your ongoing support of Apricot Valley Waterfowl Preservation! @Pat ODonnell: Yes, they do! Made from recycled mild steel , these metal sculptures are fine to be left outside all year, they can be recoated in either clear lacquer or an exterior clear varnish about once a year or as and when they require it. Welcome to 10,000 Birds, the world’s favorite birding blog! Never thought of that…, Thanks for your very informative article on this. African Geese as Pets. James is currently the host and owner of Nikon's, © 2019 10,000 Birds // All rights reserved. They are strikingly beautiful little ducks and I’d love to have a chance to see them in the wild. But they are not just any ducks. So if you ever chance upon these miniature waterfowl, don’t be fooled by their geese-like bills or by their common name. Large Shelduck made from recycled mild  and galvanised steel. When I read somewhere that Pygmy Geese were not actually geese at all I started doing some research. African Pygmy Geese are one of a number of waterfowl species that have a rather misleading name. African geese are also quite a bit heavier than Chinese Geese. Pictures are for illustration only as each sculpture will be slightly different in size and appearance. And the Magpie Geese of the same country are believed to be neither ducks nor geese nor swans and are now placed within their own family Anseranatidae. White-crowned Sparrow, Forest Park, Queens. The Cape Barren Geese of Australia are sometimes placed with the true geese and swans, sometimes with the shelducks and sometimes within a separate tribe called Cereopsinae. African Geese are some of the largest domestic geese, the Ganders weighing up to 12.7Kg. Feel free to contact us and don’t forget to subscribe! He is also an expert in the field of sustainable development and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in African Languages and a Masters degree in Sustainable Environmental Management. #birds, Jamaican Tody #jamaica #jamaicantody #birdsofinsta, Vermilion Flycatcher, Orange County, California #v, A very nice young White-crowned Sparrow at Normans, Red-winged Blackbird, Queens, New York #singing #b, Sora, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens, New Yor. Pictures are for illustration only as each sculpture will be slightly different in size and appearance. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ducks & Geese. The African Goose is a domestic goose. These birds are far-removed from geese in the true sense of the word. Our flock will remain 1000 birds strong. I like it very much a great piece of information is also given here. For some video insight into the lives of these fascinating ducks, feel free to watch the below episode: I really enjoyed this as we have southern Africa on our holiday list. Photo: African Gander. Others are not so clearly defined. Orders of 2-9 goslings ship after April 1. James has led professional wildlife and birding tours for 15 years and his passion for birding and remote cultures has taken him to far corners of the earth from the Amazon and Australia to Africa and Madagascar.

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