advantages of broiler chicken

Furthermore, they come with certain advantages, including: In the past, trough, bell and cup waterers were the primary types of waterers used in broiler production. The return on feed is high and the chicken has a strong growth advantage. Dr. Helen Masey O’NeillSenior Manager – Science and Analytics Today’s modern broiler achieves a dramatic growth rate and is expected to increase its body weight by nearly four times in the first seven days post-hatch. More or less, they taste the same and have equal nutritional value. They reduce water wastage, litter caking and condemnations and they keep water cleaner. Intestinal diseases are greatly reduced. 3. Currently, almost all broiler houses are equipped with nipple waterers. Strategies to support the gut health and early development of broiler chickens produce long-term performance benefits for the flock. 4. Make full use of the building space to reduce the cost of each chicken's site and construction investment. The Advantages of the Featherless Chicken. Many make very poor quality feeds. According to experts on animal feed formulation such as Akinbobola A. and Jeffery Alahira, the immense benefits of having the know-how on formulation of feeds is because it has been discovered that only a few feed manufacturers keep to the standards in poultry feed formulations in Nigeria. Advantages of caged broilers: 1. According to the research team that developed this breed, these featherless birds pose no danger to people’s heath when consumed. – The broiler chicken industry is counting its blessings while federal and state agriculture officials respond to new cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza at turkey and egg production farms. This sad […] 5. 2. Easy to warm up and save energy, the fuel cost per chicken is greatly reduced. Nipple waterers provide several advantages over other types of waterers.

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