8 digit epiphone serial number

Non prefix serial# doesn't work! Messages: 45 Likes Received: 67. I would guess the guitar is either a copy or eipiphone had samples made by prospective suppliers in the late eighties. Many '80s and early '90s serial numbers may follow a similar scheme, but may not include a factory ID code. As far as I understand it, the 8 means it's a '58 reissue, the 1 is for the last digit of the year it was made (2001 or 2011), and the 373 is its number in the year. Also, the Indonesian factory did not use serials from it's opening in 1992 until around 2000. The serial number will probably be useless as there was too much duplication and poor record keeping back then. Samick branded models did not start using serials until around 1987. NOTE: Follow this reference may not be accurate because probably they printed a certain number of plates and then put on guitars in a random manner, without noticing consecutive numeration. don't work either, or are falsely rated as FujiGen, Japan made instuments. 5 DIGITS punched in the bolt plate (for the bolt on versions). Years and models Original series from 1966. Epiphone Most regular production models since ca. Chinese made guitars with F 31xxxx like the "1959" model or the 1960/2010 tribute models. Note #2: Guitars with no serial number were produced at many different times. FYYMMRRRR F= Factory code (this can be 2 letters as well) YY= year of manufacture (this can also be just 1 digit for '90s models) MM= month of manufacture To find the i.d. It's the 373rd '58 reissue produced that year, but that isn't necessarily just '58 Les Paul reissues; I … Hi, I have such an Epiphone, serial number begining with 88 and I cannot find when it was made either! Epiphone serial number Discussion in 'Epiphone Guitars' started by gil, Jun 6, 2018. gil Member. 1993. F-Serial Numbers on Les Paul Standard '59/'60 Models and Tribute/Plus Models The latest serial number system used by Epiphone has not yet been completely deciphered. Guitardater doesn't recognize the serial# system Epiphone is using since mid 2008 ! For a value, a lot will depend on how original it is and what shape it is in. Due to the 88 at the front I think it might be an early sample from the company whom started manufacture in the 90's for Epiphone. The new system seems to be just continously … The new "F" models are made in China. A series of tables and lists that summarise serial numbers, model codes and colors of the Ovation guitars from the beginning to the end of the 20th Century. The numbers appear as the 5th and 6th digits in the serial number. You will probably learn more by the construction methods of the guitar, is it a pancake body etc. of your 1993 or most later models Epiphone either: 1. This information has not been officially confirmed by Epiphone. $1000-2500 max is probably a fair range.

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