5 reasons for pruning

Please note, all comments require admin approval prior to display. The removal of lower branches to provide clearance for structures, people, site of vision. Read helpful articles and tips about lawn and landscape maintenance. Urban landscape trees require a level of care to maintain their structural integrity, overall health, and visual appeal. Published on Tuesday, December 03, 2019. For this reason clean cuts positioned at branch collars, or just above branch buds are important for immediate healing to begin. For additional information about how and when to properly prune trees and shrubs please visit the following link: WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC Copyright 2020 Themespride. An ISA Certified Arborist would be my first choice to complete this type of work, they have time in trade experience requirements, they must pass an exam over multiple aspects of arboriculture and must maintain continuing education to keep their certification. On the other hand, pruning is performed on larger trees and shrubs to promote their overall health. 5 Reasons to Trim & Prune Your Plants. Our team is prepared to dedicate the care and attention that your landscape needs to thrive. They are committed to their trade and take pride in their work. Pruning to Raise. New growth will respond according to what has been done, and weak branch joints can develop as a result of lack of knowledge of how to prune properly. Five Reasons Why Pruning Is Good and Necessary for Optimum Tree and Shrub Health Dead branches hinder the growth of healthy branches. Just complete the form below to get a pricing quote. Uncontrolled growth can be a negative thing. Pruning opens woody plants up to the possibility of fungal and bacterial infection, so it should only be done if there is a good reason. The removal of lower branches to provide clearance for structures, people, site of vision. Learn more about why your plant may need our trimming or pruning services in Muscle Shoals and surrounding areas below. To keep your plants as healthy as possible, we recommend regular trimming. The selective removal of branches to improve structure, increase light penetration, improve air circulation within the tree canopy. Trimming and pruning are two landscaping terms that are often used interchangeably. These men and women that hold an ISA Certification are experienced professionals that love what they do. So if a woody plant is pruned by late Summer it allows any new growth to harden off before frost or freezing weather sets in. They can grow too close to your home or nearby power lines. So what does that mean? Anytime that storms cause breakage within the canopy of a woody plant the broken branches should be pruned to removed any dangerous hanging limbs. Pruning is done to enhance your property's safety and the health of plants. With this surplus material out of the way, your plants will have greater access to the water, sunlight, and nutrients they need to thrive. The selective removal of branches to improve structure, increase light penetration, improve air circulation within the tree canopy. The removal of dead, dying, and diseased branches. By giving your hedges straight edges and cutting away overgrowth, your landscape will look well-manicured. They primarily serve to enhance its aesthetic appeal. After reading through this article, you may have realized that your landscape is in need of trimming or pruning services. Only bypass pruners should be used on live tissue, anvil pruners by design will crush the branch tissue causing severe damage. However, there are some important differences to note. Lexington, AL 35648, © 2020 B&B Lawn Care & MaintenanceWebsite designed by Lawnline Websites. Proper cuts are essential for woody plant health, pruning exposes the plant to infection. The process is quick and easy and the initial visit is free. There have not been any comments left on this post. Tree and shrub pruning is an important maintenance function. Here are some good reasons to prune. So when can pruning be done? Call our expert landscapers in Florence, Lexington, Muscle Shoals, and surrounding areas at (256) 762-6379. This cold weather can cause severe damage, or possibly death for the plant. Always hire trained landscape professionals to do sensitive work like pruning. Pruning is a means to make corrections to woody plants for their overall health, and branches should only be removed if their is a good reason for their removal. You can receive a free landscape evaluation and quote by going to http://whitehouselandscapes.com and clicking on the get a free quote image on the right side of the page. Stay up-to-date on the latest lawn and landscaping tips and reminders! 5 Legitimate reasons for pruning trees & shrubs that every homeowner must know to avoid disaster, 6 Proven steps every smart homeowner must observe to qualify a true landscape professional. Your comments have been successfully submitted! We look forward to serving all of your landscape needs. Spring blooming plants should be pruned right after flowering. Our team will evaluate your landscape and determine a trimming schedule that works for your property. Unchecked growth can result in a broken window or other structural damage. The removal of selected branches for the purpose of decreasing the height and width of a tree and maintain the structure and form of the tree. Trimming is done on plants and hedges more for aesthetic purposes. Trimming and pruning are two landscaping terms that are often used interchangeably. Please note, all comments require admin approval prior to display. B&B Lawn Care & Maintenance This article was tagged under: Landscape Trimming, Pruning. Pruning when leaves are … Thinning and pruning. 5 Reasons Why Winter Pruning is Essential. (256) 762-6379. Pruning can remove any portions that have a … Inexperienced landscapers will make poor cuts, which is damaging to your plants' long-term health. Some plants need some assistance to reach their full blooming potential. Winter pruning is an essential component of landscape maintenance. However, there are some important differences to note. We will evaluate your plants and determine which service they could benefit most from. Then the broken ends should be pruned back to a proper cut to keep out disease. Pruning during dormancy gives the tree a better foundation for next spring. Read on to see how pruning benefits your landscape: As part of our pruning services, we cut away diseased, dead, and dying tree branches, leaves, and other plant components. Reduction Pruning and allow for the wound to heal. Our landscapers ward off disease and pest infestation so your plants can thrive throughout the year. With these unhealthy and invasive parts removed, your plants will be able to thrive safely. Some species of trees and plants, without proper pruning, grow wildly. There is a problem with your comment, please see below and try again. With pruning, we never cut away too much of your trees or plants. WhiteHouse Landscapes LLC has an ISA Certified Arborist on staff to assist with any tree and shrub maintenance you may need done. Michael White is an ISA Certified Can't find what you're looking for? Learn more about how trimming services help your landscape below: Trimming is great for removing excess leaves and branches. Trimming services allow your landscape to look its best. The simple answer is anytime that allows for growth characteristics, and flowering. Arborist KY-847A, and a passionate Sustainable Horticulturalist. Pruning will promote growth and remove injured branches, sagging limbs, and overgrown components that present safety damages to your property. Our pruning services accomplish the following for your flowering plants: Based on your landscape's plants, we will plan what times to perform our pruning services to give them the best possible chance at long-term growth. Our professional team of lawn care experts has seen this time and... Prevention and treatment of disease. All other woody plants can be pruned up to late summer. Thanks for your feedback! The reason you should complete pruning for these plants by late Summer is the action of pruning itself initiates new growth. This increases your curb appeal and raises your property value. The implications of improper pruning is permanent. The reason for this is because these plants will be setting new dormant buds soon after flowering for the next season, so any pruning for these plants should be done right after flowering. The removal of branches that are structurally dangerous (ie:weak attachments,crossing branches),and low in vigor. Trimming is done on plants and hedges more for aesthetic purposes. Anytime that “deadwood” is discovered in the canopy of a tree or a  woody shrub it should be removed. To make proper cuts you MUST use sharp tools so that the cuts are smooth. There are only a few good reasons to prune woody plants, contrary to popular beliefs. Pruning is the process of cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems to promote healthy plant growth.

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