350 hp 302 budget build

The plan was to build a 347 and a 357 off of the Ford 302 Windsor platform. If anything, heads are even more important to a 302 or 289 than they are to a 347. All of these can be built to run very strong. I have a Chevrolet 350 block 3970010 4 bolt main and I'm looking to get somewhere between 400 and 450hp out of it , what's the best options on a budget? • Take the 350, rebuild it with standard size bearings and rings, but install a set of 305 heads , a RV style cam or Chevy 350/350 camshaft. Shermanator I was designed to run on pump gas, make 500 hp and not break the bank. Shermanator II is a flat-out, single four-barrel "no holds barred" race setup. GT40 heads are worth about 15-30 hp over stock E7TE heads, and the GT40P heads maybe 25-45. I have been researching as much info as I can before I order the parts for my 351w budget build up. I have a 69 351w stock right now and am going to add; -headers 1 5/8 long tube -intake ... My guess it you'll make over 300 hp, but not over 350 hp. You're lacking in torque, and good heads help with that. No stroker kit! Plus, it takes a lot of tuning to get great numbers. With all the changes and broad choices of what to put in for performance, I would like to know your rec-ommendations for building it -pistons, heads, cam, intake, and carb. Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images. A set of Twisted Wedge or AFR 165's are pretty much the best, and would net you more like 75-100 hp. Steven Rupp May 15, 2015. Making power on a budget is the goal of HorsePower this time, as they take a Ford 302 Small Block and build it up to a 306 cubic inch, 400+ horsepower street-fighter. FORD 302 BUILDUP I've found a 289 blockand a 302 crank and rods for my 66 Mustang, I would like to build this Ford engine to make about 350 hp. The 350-cubic inch Chevrolet engine is one of the … Budget 350 Small-Block Build with Aftermarket Parts Reincarnation: We breathe new life into an old small-block with a few budget friendly aftermarket parts. Whether it was 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, or even small block 400. How to Build a 400 Horse Chevy Small Block 350 by Moss Strohem .

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