00 semolina flour

All this ensures the body a gradual release of energy over time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We all eat pizza,pasta,bread,cakes,biscuits. Often used to make pasta products. To ensure an excellent quality semolina we have a cultivating partnership with the Mancini farm located in Marche region. Our Semolina Flour is made from the finest durum wheat (durum flour). Just for nothing, expecially in terms of health effects. These substances have shown a certain degree of protection against some cancers, especially the colon cancer. There are differences in the final product, substantial nutritional differences that effect your health. all the products > semolina and flours > extra-fine 00 flour, La Molisana S.P.A.Contrada Colle delle Api, 100/A86100 - Campobasso (CB)Tel. Extra-fine 00 Flour Ideal for desserts, sauces, bread, pizza and crêpes 1000g: WHY CHOOSE ME: DESSERTS Because it is excellent for products with a long rising time, such as brioches, panettone and other baked goods. It is also richer in proteins, but not only. Attention to raw materials and a healthy diet are our top priorities when we produce Pasta Santoni. It is less affected by heart attack, diabetes, respiratory and digestive diseases and even infectious diseases. works at the National Cancer Institute of Milan. If you are looking for a more delicate texture, then all-purpose flour would suit your taste best. Records show there was cultivation in Byzantine Egypt. The soft wheat derives instead from the crossing of the cultivated species and is very resistent to low temperatures. Is more granular than the soft wheat flour that is instead very fine. But what remains, the result of these refining processes is a flour of inferior quality compared to that of durum wheat. 09.00 - 13.00 But also vitamins and mineral salts to a much greater extent than refined flours. It has a light yellow color, certainly not the white one of refined flour. For “Semola” we mean the flour made from “durum wheat”, Whit the generic term “flour​ ” commonly means soft wheat flour .​. Wondering what flour to use for pasta? Durum wheat ​ is a type of wheat born thanks to the meeting of two wild species that was already known to the times of the ancient Egiptyans. In fact it is more easily cultivated even abroad (where the regulations that regulate pesticides are much more elastic of the Italian ones). Less sticky than other flours, its texture is more elastic. The white flour is harmful because we have removed the components that are good for health, especially the fibers. Is more granular than the soft wheat flour that is instead very fine. We have large, medium, small semolina and re-milled semolina, names that indicate the size of the granules of the given type of semolina. The grain of durum wheat that will make semolina is less floury than that of soft wheat. Concretely, it allows to avoid blood sugar pikes and the subsequent sharp drops (typical of soft wheat flour 00), very dangerous for the prevention of diabetes type 2. In several interviews, including this video taken from an episode of the 2009 Report, explains his position on anti-cancer nutrition. 63815 Monte San Pietrangeli (FM) If you want to know more about what Prof. Berrino says read this article. Semolina – a coarse grind of high-protein durum wheat – gives nutty, sweet flavor and striking pale yellow color to breads, pizzas, and pasta. Thought it's very soft, it's protein content hovers between 8-12%, unsurprising when you consider those deliciously chewy pizza bases. Not just for Italian restaurants, semolina flour … Professor Franco Berrino, semolina flour. A company considered the highest expression in terms of quality in the cultivation of durum wheat in the Marche. P.IVA: 02165680444 Indispensible for a good durum wheat is the warm wheather and a lot of sun as we have in Italy. The increased presence of fiber reduces cholesterol levels and is capable of lowering blood sugar.

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